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Helmut „Max“ Merkel

Helmut „Max“ Merkel

Managing Director
Tel. +49 911 955 78 60


The German journalist and consultant Helmut Max Merkel is specialized in the furniture sector since 1982. He started his journalistic career with a daily newspaper. In 1982 he became editor at EUWID European Economic News Service, where he was in charge of the furniture industry. In 1988 he started to work for the leading German furniture trade magazine MÖBELMARKT. From 1992 to 1999 he was co-owner of a PR-agency. Since his return to MÖBELMARKT in 1999 he is Editor-in-Chief of the magazine. In this position he is visiting furniture fairs, companies and associations all over the world.

Helmut Merkel is also owner of CRP Consulting, a service and consulting company that is focused on the international furniture sector.

Helmut Max Merkel participated as speaker in numerous conferences and seminars in Europe and Asia and he was member of judges at design competitions in several countries.


Presentations at the following seminars and conferences (excerpt):


• Conference “International Perspectives, Global Opportunities”, Shanghai (China)

• VIFA International Furniture Fair Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam)

• Fidexpo Furniture Fair, Moscow (Russia)

• World Furniture Conference, Istanbul (Turkey)

• Conference of the Association of the Estonian Furniture Industry, Talllin (Estonia)

• Conference of Malaysian Furniture Promotion Council, Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)

• International Famous Furniture Fair, Dongguan (China)

• Baldai Furniture Fair, Vilnius (Lithuania)

• Polish Pavillion at imm cologne